Enblink is a USB plugin for your Google TV that connects you to hundreds of products by the world's leading manufacturers.

Appify your living room

Enblink is a USB plugin for your Google TV that gives you control over the real world


Enblink allows you to do things like set up a complete lighting control solution to accompany the Google TV experience. But it also gives you access to your devices anywhere you can take your mobile phone or tablet. Take a look at how easy it is to get started.

How to start controlling your lighting with Enblink in about 6 minutes

Enblink plugs into an open USB port on any Google TV unit.

USB Plugin

Simply plug Enblink into an available USB slot on your Google TV.

Enblink uses Z-Wave to wirelessly connect to lighting modules and more.

Wireless Connection

Plug your lamps into the wireless lighting modules, and connect to a wall outlet.

Enblink stays plugged into your Google TV, but you'll have access to your devices anywhere you take your phone or tablet.

Powerful apps

Set up on screen and take full control from your favorite Android-powered phone or tablet

Enhance Your Living Room Experience

Set the mood for a relaxing evening at home with easy lighting control.

Have Your Home Ready and Waiting

Brighten the living room just before you get home. Or set a timer to give the appearance that someone is always at home.

Better Lighting for the Bedroom

Settle in more comofortably or wake up more easily with the perfect lighting.

A Powerful App Experience

Set up on the big screen and always have full control from your mobile device.

Download the Enblink Settings app for Google TV to connect to your Z-Wave devices for the first time.

Onscreen setup

Utilize the big screen to set up Enblink for the first time or when you want to add an additional device to your network. From start to finish, the process will take only a few minutes of your time.

Use the Enblink mobile app to stay connected to the lighting, door locks, thermostats, and security devices in your home.

Full control on a mobile device

Using your favorite phone or tablet, you'll have full control over the devices in your living room and throughout the house. Best of all, you'll be able to access Enblink and any of the devices connected to it from anywhere you bring your mobile device.

The Living Room and Beyond

Enblink can take your Google TV to new heights. In fact, it's capable of connecting with tons of innovative products by leading manufacturers. The possibilities are endless with support for hundreds of smart plugs, hardwired light switches, electronic door locks, security sensors, IP cameras, and more. Best of all, you'll be able to find them online or at your favorite big box retailer and have them working in no time.

Enblink is compatible with tons of popular light switches and plug-in modules. Look for the Z-Wave logo.


Connect and control compatible light switches with the same intuitive interface. Have access from your favorite armchair or anywhere you take your mobile device.

See compatible units
Enblink is compatible with tons of affordable security products. Look for the Z-Wave logo.

Security Sensors

Secure your home with ultra-affordable, ultra-low profile sensors. Check their status and receive alerts via the onscreen app or your favorite mobile device.

See compatible units
Enblink is compatible with electronic door locks by manufacturers such as Kwikset and Yale.

Door Locks

Unlock the door using a secure app for your mobile device. Allow a visitor access from miles away. Or receive an alert every time the door is opened.

See compatible units
Enblink is compatible with IP cameras from trusted manufacturers. Stream video directly to the Enblink mobile app.

IP Cameras

Check on the baby's room or the front door with the onscreen app. Or check in on your home when you're away.

See compatible units
Enblink turns any Google TV into a home automation hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started controlling lighting and appliances in your home with one of the basic starter packs that we offer. Once you receive your Enblink starter pack, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes before you're managing your living room and more from your phone or tablet.

Very. At major retailers and online outlets, you'll find lighting modules, security sensors, thermostats, door locks and other devices that are fully compatible with Enblink right out of the box. All of the products use the widely preferred Z-Wave wireless standard, so they're able to talk to each other even though they might have been made by different manufacturers.

Yes. Enblink will work with external Google TV units or integrated Google TV sets.

We use a widely accepted, standards-based technology to connect you with the devices in your home. But we do this by utilizing the Google TV platform, allowing us to offer all of the functionality that you see in standalone devices (some of which require monthly fees for basic services) at a much lower cost.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can find the free app on Google Play.

We're currently working on an iOS app, but it's not quite ready for prime time. If you'd like to leave us your email address, we'll be sure to get in touch when it's available.

Right now, Enblink only works with Google TV. It runs on top of the Android platform that powers any Google TV unit.

The good news is that there are plenty of great add-on units like the ASUS Cube or the Sony NSZ-GS7 that will turn any TV into a Google TV.

Yes. There's a one year warranty on the product. If anything goes wrong with the hardware during that time, you'll be able to return it for a replacement.

You'll also have full access to software updates for the lifetime of your device.

Yes. Enblink will work with your Logitech Revue.

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Enblink is a USB dongle that plugs into any Google TV device and turns it into a home automation control hub.